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The release of our first album is centered around creating happy memories of laughter & dance
between children and parents. Whether it’s the ABC’s, Old MacDonald, or any of our remastered
classics, we find that kids today want to sing the same songs the parents knew when they were kids!

Countries Reached!
With the help of some of the most influential music producers of our time, we've worked diligently to develop a fun, educational, & groovy alternative to nursery rhymes, for all ages! Download your tracks directly from our website for special offers!

We like music that makes us happy, so do our children! We like songs that we can sing along with, so do our children. We like music that makes us dance, so do our children. The only difference is that most songs are produced and marketed for either kids or adults, not both….until now!

While streaming is always a safe option with an internet connection; downloading tracks directly from kidsclubmusic.com means each song is transferred to your device and stored forever to access anytime you’re in the mood to dance..even without an internet connection!

We’ve made it easier than ever to download and share Kids Club Music with your classroom, family, or friends! Simply navigate to the ‘shop’ tab above, from there you can download all of our latest hits!

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